Gaeltec Buildings: Community Survey and Scottish Land Fund Update

Gaeltec Building: Community Survey and Scottish Land Fund

Dunvegan Community Trust would like to thank everyone who contributed to our community survey for the Gaeltec Building. We are very happy to report that the survey was overwhelmingly successful and that we received lots of important feedback for this project. 

We would also like to thank Impact Hub Inverness for performing the survey on our behalf and for compiling a report for us, which we would like to share here. Please do contact us if you have any comments or additional contributions which were not shared during the survey period.

View the Community Consultation Report here

The purpose of the survey was both to identify the most desirable community facilities for the building if it was community-owned, and also to demonstrate support to the Scottish Land Fund as part of our ongoing application process. We are therefore delighted to report that our Stage 1 application for development costs has now been approved and we can implement the survey results into our plans moving forward.

We shall now be working towards submitting a Stage 2 application for the building purchase, which includes a business plan and concept designs of how the building will be utilised by the community. This process is ongoing, and we shall require as much community support as possible to give us the best chance of being approved for funding.

By ensuring everyone in your household is signed up as a member of Dunvegan Community Trust, you will be helping our community with projects like this. We need as large a membership as possible to demonstrate support to funders and to improve our likelihood of success. Our membership reset in 2022 after we incorporated as a SCIO, please do register as a member on our website if you have not already done so.

We are also seeking groups and individuals who may have an interest in the building if it was community-owned and we would like to talk to you! Please get in touch if you :

  • may be interested in renting office/work space
  • would like to see part of the building developed and designated as a childcare facility
  • would like to run a childcare facility
  • have ideas to contribute about the layout/set up of a community Gym
  • would be interested in helping to set the Gym up or help run it
  • have interest in or experience with arts/craft spaces, or would just like to get involved
  • have interest or experience in Men’s Sheds or repair workshops, or would just like to get involved
  • or if you have any other experience which may be of use to DCT and would like to get involved!

Thank you again for your continued support!


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