Educational and Employment Development Grant Application


    For Residents of Dunvegan Community Council Area (including students normally resident here but living elsewhere during term time)

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    Please upload the letter of offer for the course or clear documentary evidence that you have been awarded a place on the course, copies of SAAS or EMA awards, quotes for books and equipment. You can do that by using the upload button below.

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    1. Total cost of course OR annual costs if course is longer than 1 year:







      Equipment / Books




    2. Please list the funding that you already have in place + the funder eg:

      Students Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) Loan


      Students Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) Fees


      Students Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) Bursary


      Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA)








    3. How much are you applying for from DCT?

    TOTAL £

    NB Total (c) must be the same as the sum of Totals (a) - (b)


    Applicants are required to sign the following statement as an indication that they Agree with the terms under which the grant is administered.

    I accept that:

    1. The decision of the Trustees of the DCT is final in respect of the application and that in the event of being refused there will be no further dialogue between myself and the Trustees of the DCT on the subject of the application.

    2. In the event that I / the person on whose behalf this application is being made, do / does not complete the course for which support has been agreed I/the person on whose behalf this application is being made will inform the Trustees of the DCT and be prepared, if necessary, to repay a proportion or all the monies awarded.

    I declare that all information within this form is correct


    Guidance notes:

    1. Individual applicants must be 16 years or older at the time of the application. A parent or legal guardian of individuals under the age of 18 may make the application on their behalf.

    2. Individual applicants must be resident within the Dunvegan Community Council post code area that defines the area covered by DCT or students normally resident here but living elsewhere during term time) We may seek to verify this if necessary.

    3. In the case of an application on behalf of a person under the age of 18, that beneficiary must also be normally resident within the Dunvegan Community Council post code area that defines the area covered by DCT.

    4. Educational awards are normally made for the furtherance of individual’s tertiary education, applications for non-formal educational or personal development courses will not normally be considered unless for the purpose of employment attainment or Gaelic Language courses for parents or primary caregivers of Gaelic Medium pupils or those pursuing employment in Gaelic Medium.

    5. Equipment/Books: Only standard/basic equipment as specified by college/course will be considered. Copy quotes for equipment/books are required for your application to be considered.

    6. The support is not to be used for expenditure items that would normally be expected to be covered by statutory funding.

    7. It is strongly suggested that applications are discussed with a Trustee of DCT before submitting for consideration

    Please tick to confirm the following leave blank where not applicable:

    1. All financial details have been included       yes

    2. Calculations related to maintenance requirements attached       yes

    3. Evidence of offer of placement included       yes

    4. Evidence of SAAS or EMA awards attached        yes

    5. Quotes for equipment / books included in application attached       yes


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