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Gaeltec Buildings Update 17th February at Dunvegan Community Hall

17/2/24 Drop in at Dunvegan Hall 1pm-3pm to view the preliminary plans and discuss! We held our AGM in January, and said said we would share the preliminary design plans for the Gaeltec Buildings with everyone, so we can take feedback and suggestions to inform the final design (if the purchase is secured!) We’ll be in Dunvegan Hall on the 17th of February 1pm-3pm to share the preliminary designs and discuss the individual facilities in more depth.  We’ll have a stations dedicated to the following: the Community Gym- come along and make suggestions about equipment, the size/scale of the proposed space, the proposed membership set up, etc. the Childcare facility aspect- by far the most challenging to achieve, but we are committed to trying to find an imaginative model to try to overcome the barriers to setting up rural childcare facilities (of which there are many!) Please come along if you would use childcare if it was available and definitely if you are interested in helping set up such a facility. The Dunvegan Community Trust committee doesn’t have the capacity to run a childcare facility itself, but we are looking at other models in rural areas that work – and we can talk about these on the day.  Men’s Shed, repair shop, tools library and Arts and Craft Workshop space – We’ve had so many great suggestions for equipment and activities, please come along and talk about the plans in person and meet like-minded folk who are keen to see this happen. Commercial Space/Office Rental/Shared Workspace – If you would like to rent office space, or if you are keen to get out of the home office cupboard/kitchen/bedroom please come along and feedback, express a formal interest and look at the plans. A general overview of the physical plans, layout and renovations  This is a link to an overview of the preliminary plans. Please note these are just preliminary plans, which were produced for the purpose of getting an idea of what could be housed in the buildings, to inform the Scottish Land fund that it would be an impactful project. We’re getting advice from Sports Scotland on the Gym Facilities and from other small community Gyms to get a good idea of the size and scale of the facilities we need. Similarly, we’re getting advice from the Care Inspectorate and the ELC Commissioner at Highland Council regarding childcare facilities, the physical requirements of the space and the barriers that would need to be overcome to deliver childcare in this sort of setting, as well as meeting up with other childcare providers in the area. There’s a way to go before the plans are finalised, and we do want to make sure they deliver as much as possible in the way of value to the community.  You can also view the original Community Consultation Report here  

Charities Grant: Shinty Trip

A group of shinty playing girls from Portree High School have the amazing, once in a lifetime , opportunity to go to a jam packed Camp in New Jersey USA in June 2024.  To help make this possible they are looking at various ways of fundraising.  There is a year long programme of work in the lead up to the camp.  Fundraising has already started in School and they hope to continue this by adding sponsored events, online events and much much more.  Catherine Robertson, the pupil who lives in Harlosh and therefore in the Dunvegan Community Area, has her own baking honesty box at the end of her drive, where locals can buy freshly baked goods to support her fundraising goals.  Dunvegan Community Trust has awarded Catherine £1000.00 to go towards their fundraising goal.  The money granted will help towards the travel and accommodation costs  to and from New Jersey and Insurances and Visas required.  This trip will be an incredible opportunity for the pupils involved promoting sport and activity amongst girls while also promoting our Scottish culture abroad.  

Reminder of AGM!

Just a reminder that we will be holding our first AGM as a SCIO tonight Thursday 18th January in Dunvegan Hall from 6pm, for anyone who can make it. There will be a pot of soup and baking so no-one gets peckish and the chance to look at the preliminary plans for Gaeltec and feedback about them, as well as look at the Community Park Plans, and a map of Cruachan Woodland and the updated project plans there. There will be further opportunities to see these plans. This Annual meeting is open to all members. Gillian Alston and Anne MacAskill will be standing down from the committee on Thursday, and we’re really grateful for their contributions over the last several years, which was quite a transformational time for DCT. We have received nominations for the following committee members to stay on for another year:  Jason Bold Jason has been on Isle of Skye full time since 2014 and lives with his family in Harlosh, Dunvegan. He joined DCT in 2016 and has been Chair since 2019 and is passionate about the trust being integral to the onwards development of Dunvegan. Alongside partner, Jason has established a holiday rental business on Skye, offering architectural, design led holiday accommodation, which has helped them diversify their croft, upon which they run livestock. He is also a qualified football coach with North West Skye Youth FC. After running a design consultancy prior to moving to Skye, Jason has been a business consultant in the creative industry, offering strategic support to talented creative businesses. Paul MacAskill Paul MacAskill grew up in the south of the island in the village of Kyleakin. He has lived in Skye his whole life with a few gaps of living in places such as Glasgow, Norway and Australia. He moved to Dunvegan about 12 years ago when he met his now wife Sarah. He has worked in the aquaculture industry for the past 14 years in Scotland and Norway, including working in Loch Dunvegan as assistant manager for 8 years. He currently works for Mowi down in the factory in Kyleakin. His hobbies include running, hillwalking, foraging, paddle boarding, and sea swimming. His skills include local knowledge, and a love of working outdoors. We have also received nominations for the following new committee members:  Liza Cleland Liza Cleland was born and raised in NW Skye and returned to live full time in 2009. Her personal experience includes being founder director of Glendale Community Trust, a volunteer manager for Glendale Estate, member of Community Land Scotland, and an attendee of the inaugural Scottish Rural Parliament. She also has professional experience, including auditing UHI’s Sustainable Rural Development degree, involvement in researching community attitudes to the original Orbost purchase, and surveying general volunteering in the Highlands. She is personally familiar with the many challenges facing our communities and community organisations, and also with best practice in meeting them.  Emma-Jane Morrison Emma Jane was born and bred in Struan, and now married and raising a family in Feorlig. She spent a few years in the tourism industry before taking a job in Gaelic Education. Working with children and being able to share her native language is very important to her. She enjoy the outdoors and helping on the family croft, and has been a driving force of the Dunvegan Community Park project since its inception. Katy Lawrence Ready for a change from life in Edinburgh, Katy and her partner moved to the island last spring. In Edinburgh she studied environmental sustainability, and after graduation began working in energy and fuel poverty, a role she has continued in following her move. In her free time I like to bake, explore the island, and play board games. You might have seen that she recently started a local board game club! Katy wants to join the DCT committee because she wants to be involved with and give back to the community. As a teen she was part of the village council where she grew up in Staffordshire, and she is excited to get stuck in on projects involving things such as community spaces and sustainability.     

Notice of AGM!

Bliadhna mhath ùr! We will be holding our first AGM as a SCIO on Thursday 18th of January in Dunvegan Community Hall. It’s always tricky to get a time to suit everyone, so we have opted for 6pm with soup and ea and coffee, and a bit of homebaking! This Annual meeting is open to all members, and we would love to see you there. We will have draft plans for the Gaeltec Building available to look at and comment on, as well as visuals of some of our other ongoing projects.  We’ll be kicking off the official proceedings at around 6:30pm, with the election of new committee members, a report the last year’s activities, and we will also be voting on an amendment to our constitution to bring us into compliance with the Community Empowerment Act, which enables us to use Community Asset Transfer legislation. The change we are voting on will be to increase the minimum ordinary membership from 10 to 20, stipulated in the following clauses of our constitution:  8.1. The Organisation shall have not fewer than 10 Members at any time.  8.3. In the event that the number of Members falls below 10 or that at least three quarters of the Members of the Organisation do not consist of members of the Community, the Board may not conduct any business other than to ensure the admission of sufficient Ordinary Members to achieve the minimum number and/or maintain the majority.  (Ordinary Membership refers to members will full voting rights, ie, over 16 and on the electoral roll within the defined geographical community of the Dunvegan Community Council Area) Full details on the AGM procedure are available to view on our website within the constitution here: We hope you can make it along, please let us know if you intend to so we can plan our soup and baking! 

Dunvegan Playpark Crowdfunder Launched!

We’ve launched a Dunvegan Playpark Crowdfunder to get us closer to realising this great project. The Dunvegan Playpark Committee has been working closely with Kompan, a leading designer of accessible, sustainable playground equipment, to design a state of the art park for Dunvegan. The project costs are £150k, and while we are on the right track to achieving that target, we will need to have successful funding applications, and also pursue corporate sponsorship. So far, we have been granted £30,963 of Amenities funding, we have applied to the Community Regeneration Fund for £35,000, and DCT will be contributing from reserves.  The Dunvegan Playpark Commitee has already raised £4606.68 through their fundraising efforts, so please share this crowdfunder widely!  

Dunvegan Playpark Project Boost!

The Dunvegan Playpark sub-committee received fantastic news last Friday, that Skye councillors have decided to allocate £30,983 amenities funding to the Dunvegan Community Playpark Project. In the current climate of budget squeezes, this comes as very welcome news to what is a very ambitious project for the area. The news came on the same day that we submitted our application to the Community Regeneration Fund for the project, so here’s hoping to even more good news soon. We will also be launching a crowdfunding page this week, so here’s hoping we can continue this positive momentum! 

Gaeltec Buildings: Registering an interest under the Community Right to Buy

DCT are taking advantage of a tool within Community Right to Buy legislation to formally register an interest in the Gaeltec Buildings.This register is designed to protect community groups from external bidders swooping in and purchasing the asset while we are waiting to hear back from the Scottish Land Fund – it buys us a bit of time. To register an interest, we need to submit a paper petition which demonstrates that 10% of the resident community favours registering an interest in the land or buildings in question. This is a completely separate requirement to consultations and surveys, and can only be signed in person, not online! We have copies of the petition in Dunvegan Post Office, and we will also have paper membership forms there too for folk to complete. If you are supportive of the Gaeltec Project please pop in to Dunvegan Post Office to add your name to the petition!   Right to Buy compliant Community groups can apply to register an interest in land, buildings and assets that they think would be better in Community Ownership, now or in the future.  For more info on registering an interest in land or buildings under the Community Right to Buy please visit

Gaeltec Buildings: Community Survey and Scottish Land Fund Update

Gaeltec Building: Community Survey and Scottish Land Fund Dunvegan Community Trust would like to thank everyone who contributed to our community survey for the Gaeltec Building. We are very happy to report that the survey was overwhelmingly successful and that we received lots of important feedback for this project.  We would also like to thank Impact Hub Inverness for performing the survey on our behalf and for compiling a report for us, which we would like to share here. Please do contact us if you have any comments or additional contributions which were not shared during the survey period. View the Community Consultation Report here The purpose of the survey was both to identify the most desirable community facilities for the building if it was community-owned, and also to demonstrate support to the Scottish Land Fund as part of our ongoing application process. We are therefore delighted to report that our Stage 1 application for development costs has now been approved and we can implement the survey results into our plans moving forward. We shall now be working towards submitting a Stage 2 application for the building purchase, which includes a business plan and concept designs of how the building will be utilised by the community. This process is ongoing, and we shall require as much community support as possible to give us the best chance of being approved for funding. By ensuring everyone in your household is signed up as a member of Dunvegan Community Trust, you will be helping our community with projects like this. We need as large a membership as possible to demonstrate support to funders and to improve our likelihood of success. Our membership reset in 2022 after we incorporated as a SCIO, please do register as a member on our website if you have not already done so. We are also seeking groups and individuals who may have an interest in the building if it was community-owned and we would like to talk to you! Please get in touch if you : may be interested in renting office/work space would like to see part of the building developed and designated as a childcare facility would like to run a childcare facility have ideas to contribute about the layout/set up of a community Gym would be interested in helping to set the Gym up or help run it have interest in or experience with arts/craft spaces, or would just like to get involved have interest or experience in Men’s Sheds or repair workshops, or would just like to get involved or if you have any other experience which may be of use to DCT and would like to get involved! Thank you again for your continued support!