Charity Application Guidelines


Reg. Charity No. SCO40318

Application Guidelines for Skye Charities Fund


Eligibility criteria

Only constituted groups which operate in the Isle of Skye and benefit the residents of the Dunvegan area, (as defined by the Dunvegan Community Council) will be eligible to apply.


Funding will only be allocated to projects which are supportive of the Dunvegan Community Trusts objectives:

  1. The advancement of community development & regeneration through education, the arts, Heritage, culture & sport.
  2. We will support organisations, who are involved in the prevention and/or relief of poverty, the saving of lives and the advancement of health.
  3. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement
  4. The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage (including relief given by the provision of accommodation or care)
  5. The provision and organisation of recreational facilities for the benefit of all of the above.




How to apply

An application form will need to be completed, and a copy of the groups previous 2 years of accounts and a copy of their constitution.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Dunvegan Community Trust Website

Or contact:


Maressa Munro


Feorlig House


Isle of Skye

IV55 8ZL





How much can be applied for?

Any group based in the Isle of Skye that benefits Dunvegan residents can apply for a grant up to the value of £500, towards any project costs.


Deadlines for applications will be:

  • End of March
  • End of June
  • End of September
  • End of December

All groups will be notified of a decision on their application within six weeks following the deadline date.


Conditions of grant

The Trust can only allocate funding to constituted groups which benefit the residents of the Dunvegan Community Council area.


Applications will not be considered for projects that have already taken place or have been completed.



All applicants will have to advertise that the Dunvegan Community Trust have supported the project on any publicity that is done in co-junction with the project which was funded.

All allocated grants will also be shown on the Dunvegan Community Trust website.