Annual Grants to Dunvegan Community Council and Dunvegan Primary School Fund

DCT provide an annual grant to DCC as a way to get funds out into the community in as efficient a way possible. 

“The Community Council are always grateful to the Dunvegan Community Trust for the yearly grant which allows the Community Council to support various deserving causes throughout the year, for example supporting the cost of maintaining grass cutting through the summer months both in the community and in St Marys Church and old cemetery.

Assisting with the Christmas lights.

Amazon Vouchers for all the children in the district at Christmas.

Support for the Breakfast club, the Community Cafè, Make Dunvegan Beautiful, the Turkey earthquake appeal, Dunvegan show.
Also assistance with our hardship fund and Fuel Fund and general support for Community Council activities during the year.”
We are also trialing an annual grant to the Dunvegan Primary School fund, as a response to the increasingly high cost of living. We conferred with the head teacher as to what activities we could fund that would have the greatest impact, and funding for School Trips, establishing a Breakfast Club plus additional funding for teachers, staff and the pupil council to spend at their discretion.
“For the very first time, we have sent a group of Gaelic Medium pupils on the EdinburghGaelic Week Trip, run and organised by CNAG. 6 Pupils and 1 teacher went along and hada fantastic time exploring Edinburgh and attending events that were fully immersed in Gaelic.We hope that we can continue to send pupils on this trip every 3 years, meaning that every child in the GM will go on the trip once in their time at Dunvegan Primary.The end of term school trips  will take place in the last few weeks of term. One of our classes is heading to Inverness for the day, and a few more will be going down to Sleat. 
We have managed to set up a Breakfast club in the school canteen which runs most
mornings from 9 – 9.15am (volunteer dependant). We have bought a fridge freezer andvarious other kitchen items to be able to set this up properly. The children are offered cereal,toasted bagels, and fruit juice. This has proved very popular with the children, and hashelped boost the children’s learning throughout the day.
The pupil council are currently budgeting and planning for the discretionary funds. Theyhave voted to upgrade the outdoor equipment which may include recycling and new picnic benches, a sand pit and to upgrade the pond area. We would also like to rewild the area between the nursery garden and the forest area, and put some stepping stones in place.”
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