Exercise Class

The Trust recently helped fund an exercise class in Dunvegan for people with long term conditions.

Who are the Classes for?
This is a series of classes which consist of of exercise and and advice sessions that are designed to help people with long term conditions. The exercises are designed to help with your overall fitness. This will help you carry out everyday activities with greater ease.

What is involved?
We start with a 10 minute warm up followed by a series of exercises to get the blood flowing and the muscles moving.We then finish the class with more general exercises followed by some relaxation in the chair.

The exercises help to improve your overall fitness whilst the relaxation helps to release the tension from your muscles. This is an excellent opportunity to get together with others with similar problems and provide each other with support. The class is free, and transport will be provided for those that require it. Classes take place every Tuesday from 2pm-3pm in Dunvegan Hall

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